Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Scheduled Post

It snowed on saturday, so I ran outside with my camera and took some pictures of the flowers that would probably be gone soon, because it got so cold :(


Sunday, February 26, 2012

(FREE Pattern!!!) Giant Cables Gloves :)

The surprise I promised for you!!

Giant Cables Fingerless Gloves
Size 13 straight needles (you can use circulars if you like)
Ella Rae Mega, or any other super bulky weight yarn
Cable needle (or DPN)
Yarn needle

Gloves: (make 2)

CO 20

R1: *K4, p1* across

R2: *K1, p4* across

Repeat R1-2 twice more

Next Row: *CF4, p1* across
Repeat R2
Repeat R1-2 twice

Repeat last 6 rows until you have 8 inches (for me, it was 2 more times)

Repeat cable row once more.
Repeat R2 once.
BO all sts

Sew up the seam, leaving approx. 1 inch gap for thumb.

Voila! A pair of new awesome gloves within 2 or 3 hours! :)

Now I must go schedule posts for throughout the week :)


Bonjour! :)

Hola senioritas!!

I have something special coming for you this evening!! Keep on the look out :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Post before I leave (but not for long)

Now that I havem ade you hungry with sweet, sweet fat tuesday delacatables, I will now leave you umntil Sunday. I bid the ado! I will not regularly post until until after Easter (oh, sad, sad, fate.) :)


Well, Hello. I'm alive :)

I survived!!!! I LIVE!!!! ;)

So, here are the pictures of my baby brother's baptism (or what I could get)

I just love this picture. Its so funny!

His Godparent's and Fr. Carmello

The alterboy

I took this afterwards, at his Godparent's house. They have an awesome vintage looking radio. As you can see, it isn't a real one. But its so cool!

His Godmother
So, now you have seen some of the pictures. Why could I not get the pictures of him actually being baptized?

My siblings.

They wouldn't let me out of the pew.

I wanted to cry.

But, someone else got pictures of it. I'm just sad that I couldn't see anything. At all.

Oh well.

And by the way. I'm giving up blogger for lent.

WHAT??? you say.

Yes. Does anyone want to post a bit for me until Easter?

My email is up in the Contact me page.

I'll post on Sundays though!!!!! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post by Sarah :)

"You're gonna grin and bear it
You're new found popularity"
-Wicked, the musical, Popular
Hey guys!
I'm Sarah and I'm from the one with the B. Today I'm guest posting for Lily. (Bear with me, this is my first guest post.)

So I'm from outback Australia, and I live with my little sister, my parents, my dog, and 4 chickens. I do have 2 older sisters but they live in Perth.

 I started my blog because a really good friend of my mine urged me to do it. I post about everyday life, hairstyles, DIY/food, and fashion (sometimes) Come have a look...?
I'm nearly 16yrs of age, home schooled, doing a Certificate II in Music, and various other stuff. 

I like photos, animals, Flyleaf, Relient K, musicals (currently crushing on Wicked), playing Elphaba (my violin. Yes, she is named after the Wicked Witch from Wicked, who is green. Told you I am crushing on them), Lifehouse, my best friend Jenna.

That is all, 
Thankyou, Lily, for allowing me to do a guest post on your blog. I rather enjoyed it. Sorry if this appears on a Sunday. (it's Monday over here)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guestpost by Britt

Hello everyone, this is Britt from Encouragement for Everyday Struggles. I'm so happy to do a guestpost- this is my first!! I am guest posting for Lily today. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday!!

Lately I have been thinking how much I have changed since I was little. I’m 19 now and am attending a community college. This past year, after graduating high school, has made me feel more independent and self confident in myself. I feel like I have changed more these past few months more than I have changed throughout my whole life. Adjusting from a Christian school to a public college has been somewhat trying, but it also has made me feel like I can be more of who I am and had a fresh start since I had been attending the same Christian school since pre-K. I enjoyed it there, but I felt like everyone had a set image of who I was since I had been there for so long.
Well, what I am getting to is that have you seen yourself changing throughout your life? Change is good, but it also can be bad as well. Change can be hard, not knowing what to expect or where you will end up. We don’t know what each of our futures will hold and where God will lead us. But, we all have a special plan, charted out especially by God- He has put great detail into who you are and the plans He has for you!
Well, just as we have change in our lives, we too should have change in our walk and relationship with God. We all want to succeed in our life and career, well we should also want to succeed in our relationship with God and keep growing closer with Him. We can draw closer to Him by going to Him with our needs, seeking help from Him, asking for forgiveness, praying for others, and reading what He wrote especially for us- the Bible!
Thank you Lily for letting me post, I hope this was okay! Lily, I am blessed to know you and call you my friend!! I am so glad that I can blog and share God’s words through my posts!! I am so blessed to know God and know you all as well. I hope that you all get to know God like I do! Have a wonderful Sunday!!
If you would like to visit my blog, comment or follow... feel free to click on this link: Encouragement For Everyday Struggles 

Thanks for taking the time to read what I had to wrote!! : )

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guest post by Erynn Wetmore

HEY Y'ALL! Yep, it's me, Erynn from little blue eyes, and if you couldn't tell by the title, I'm going to be guest posting! So what shall I start with, hmmmm, maybe the basics.
Okay number one, my name is Erynn. Haha okay more than that! I have 3 siblings and I would love to live on a farm with chickens and horses but I don't. I would rather have vanilla than chocolate ice cream and I really like to write about nature.
My computer is currently being fixed so I sadly can't share any pictures with you guys but I do always have photo shoots with Elisha, my sister from www.theofficialblogofelishab.blogspot.com . I was recently surprised with a trip to Disney world for 8 days in November! And the best part, we get to go to the Hollywood resort and we have 2 pools! So I will defiantly share some photos with you guys on my blog!
Some of my favorite blogs I like to visit are lowercase letters, Everyday Emma, and THIS BLOG! I really enjoy looking at photography blogs just because and I also love to do my own posts and sometimes post on my photography or photos. Something I really enjoy is writing letters. I love to share bout me and tell bout my life. And you can also get to know the person who you are writing to a little bit better, I like to write with pen and then color all over the pages with my sharpiessss! :D I always love to get unexpected letters from friends or bloggers so that'd be awesome if you guys wanted to be my pen pal. KayleeBeth sent me a letter that just made my day! It Litterally made me smile :)
Well this is my first guest post, and I have to say, I loved it! So how did I do? All I know is i'd love to do another one sometime soon!
Thanks guys!
Come check out my blog at www.littleskyeyes.blogspot.com

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Guest Post, By Sierra!

PhotobucketHello everyone! My name is Sierra and I blog over at Keep Growing Beautiful (because every girl is!) I was so happy when I learned I would be able to guest post on Lily's blog!Isn't she just so nice and lovely????
And takes some ah-mazing pictures :) Thanks so much for having me Lily!

  Every secret, every shame
Every fear, every pain
Live inside the dark
But that's not who we are
We are children of the day

So wake up sleeper, lift your head
We were meant for more than this
Fight the shadows, conquer death
Make the most of the time we have left

 We are the light of the world
We are the city on a hill
We are the light of the world
And we gotta, we gotta, we gotta
Let the light shine

 We are called to spread the news
To tell the world the simple truth
Jesus came to save
There's freedom in His name
So let His love break through

We are the light of the world
We are the city on a hill
We are the light of the world
And we gotta, we gotta, we gotta
Let the light shine
~We Are, Kari Jobe

I hope you like those lyrics as much as I do. They are simple beautiful! I hope all you readers have a wonderful day and don't forget,

Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)
P.S.Thanks again Lily!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

guestpost : elisha. :)

hey everyone!!! :) i'm elisha! and im guesposting today :) exciting, huh!? when I was asked to guestpost on here.. I was like "huuh? who ME!?!" i was shocked!! "people want me on their blogs?!" =D i was so excited!! And, I decided for those of you who don't know me.. to talk a little about me & my blog. Hopefully, I won't bore you.. ;P 

{p.s. if youve made it this far.. your cool.}

i'm elisha, as i said, and i'm from over at "The {Official} Blog of Elisha!" ":) long name right? (; well that was the best name I could come up with..

I am a lover of : floral, thrift storess, sour patch kids, target, ice cream, mac&cheese, Full House, blog followers, andddd anything vintage!! <3 Most of my friends would describe me as : talkative, old-fashioned, funny, loud, very outgoing, clumsy, and again.. L.O.U.D! :P I cant help it!! is that just me??

What else do I love?! One of my favoritee things is photography!! I'm seriously considering pursuing it as a career! Look at the pictures below, and then comment telling me whether I have a chance or not?? I promise I wont get mad!!! :)

let me know?? I know I'll never be as good as Lily herself.. ;) :P but it's a great hobby of mine!!

I hope you enjoyed{and lasted} throughout this post!! :) If you did, then won't you come on over to my blog? Maybe follow me? I'd REALLY love it!! :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the simple things {a guest post by Marcia}

first of all, thank you so much Lily for letting me guest post! 
recently, I've been realizing that it is all the simple things in life that become some of the most important and treasured moments.

 -like a hot cup of tea
 -a stack of good books waiting to be read
 -inspiration in the form of painting
 -little bird eggs in the spring
-rainy days
 -fresh baked cookies
-school work and tea
- unexpected letters from friends
-playing old pianos

today is my 14th birthday, and I've been realizing I missed so many of the little details, the things that really matter. Without the simple things, well, life just wouldn't be life. so, as I have a new year ahead... I'm going to be thankful for all the simple things, because they are the most important. 

>>Hello! I'm Marcia {mar-C-a}... a follower of Jesus, dreamer, obsessed quote collector, lover of vintage things, photographer, coffee and tea lover, and Anne of Green Gables type of girl....  I blog over at Enchanted Musings about random musings, Jesus, photography, my favorite things, and my wonderful {crazy} life.

{all photos taken by Marcia}