Thursday, February 16, 2012

guestpost : elisha. :)

hey everyone!!! :) i'm elisha! and im guesposting today :) exciting, huh!? when I was asked to guestpost on here.. I was like "huuh? who ME!?!" i was shocked!! "people want me on their blogs?!" =D i was so excited!! And, I decided for those of you who don't know me.. to talk a little about me & my blog. Hopefully, I won't bore you.. ;P 

{p.s. if youve made it this far.. your cool.}

i'm elisha, as i said, and i'm from over at "The {Official} Blog of Elisha!" ":) long name right? (; well that was the best name I could come up with..

I am a lover of : floral, thrift storess, sour patch kids, target, ice cream, mac&cheese, Full House, blog followers, andddd anything vintage!! <3 Most of my friends would describe me as : talkative, old-fashioned, funny, loud, very outgoing, clumsy, and again.. L.O.U.D! :P I cant help it!! is that just me??

What else do I love?! One of my favoritee things is photography!! I'm seriously considering pursuing it as a career! Look at the pictures below, and then comment telling me whether I have a chance or not?? I promise I wont get mad!!! :)

let me know?? I know I'll never be as good as Lily herself.. ;) :P but it's a great hobby of mine!!

I hope you enjoyed{and lasted} throughout this post!! :) If you did, then won't you come on over to my blog? Maybe follow me? I'd REALLY love it!! :)



Britt said...

Elisha- Great post, you sound like a really neat person!! All the things you you said you loved are things I too, mac and cheese, full house, blog followers...your pictures look wonderful!! you should pursue a career as a photographer!! Great post, I'm going to check out your blog now!! ;)

Elisha(: said...

britt- awh thanksss(: cool beans!! and that means aLOT to mee!! :) thanks again! <3

Sierra said...

Great guest post Elisha! You definitely have a chance. I love the one with the key :) thrift stores are ah-mazing! Sierra
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