Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, Hello. I'm alive :)

I survived!!!! I LIVE!!!! ;)

So, here are the pictures of my baby brother's baptism (or what I could get)

I just love this picture. Its so funny!

His Godparent's and Fr. Carmello

The alterboy

I took this afterwards, at his Godparent's house. They have an awesome vintage looking radio. As you can see, it isn't a real one. But its so cool!

His Godmother
So, now you have seen some of the pictures. Why could I not get the pictures of him actually being baptized?

My siblings.

They wouldn't let me out of the pew.

I wanted to cry.

But, someone else got pictures of it. I'm just sad that I couldn't see anything. At all.

Oh well.

And by the way. I'm giving up blogger for lent.

WHAT??? you say.

Yes. Does anyone want to post a bit for me until Easter?

My email is up in the Contact me page.

I'll post on Sundays though!!!!! :)


Julia said...

Purdy photos! I love that first picture :D

Sierra said...

He looks so sweet!!!!!!!!! Aww we'll miss you :( And your puh-retty pictures!!!!!! Love the radio one ;) :) I'll be happy to do an occasional post...but I can't commit to once a week...or maybe not even once every two....but if you need me I'll guest post :) Sierra
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