Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Artsy Award

I was awarded the 'Artsy Award' by Kathleen at The Messy Desk of Me :) Thanks!!

1. Normally this is where it says "thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog etc. etc." Well, you can do that if you want. I mean, if you like the award and you're glad you got it and you can do that. Or you can just copy this and have people listen to me rambling. :)

2. Answer the five questions set out for you and make the next five questions for the people that you nominate. 

  1. If you could go anywhere in the word where would you go? Paris. Or Rome. Okay, all of Europe. But if I had to pick just one, it would be Paris. 
  2. If you could name one musical that you would love to have a role in what would it be? Oooh.... I love musicals... I would probably really enjoy playing Eliza from My Fair Lady (Yeah, i did just link a song in there)
  3. Would you name one of your kids after one of your favorite tv character? Hee hee... I'm alreadly planning on naming on Rose :D
  4. What is one of your favorite tv show characters? The Doctor. Hands down.
  5. Do you have a favorite food? If so what is it? I'm not sure if I have a favorite food. I do really love  turkey burgers with guacamole :)

And my questions for you all!

1) If you could go to the moon, would you?
2) Coffee or tea?
3) If you guest star on any TV show, what show would it be?
4) Do you wear glasses? (random, I know)
5) Do you love to read?


I award...


Everyone who reads my blog :)



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A pointless post that is full of funny stuff I found on the internet ;)

This. This is funny.

The ending of this=amazingness.

Oh yes i did it! Wait.. what did i do?

*phew* I was worried there for a second.

What is wrong with the world???


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pictures from Thanksgiving :)

There's not a lot, but I thought they were worth posting :)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Making Christmas Presents :)

It's been a while since I actually made a REAL post. So I'm going to do that now. :3

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Betcha can't wait to eat a turkey and snarf down some food that totally blows your diet, right?

Well, this year my family is trying really hard to turn all of our  holiday foods healthy! (And by healthy, I mean health-ish)

No glutten ('cause some of us are intolerant).

 No sugar. (Well, no refined sugars.)

Only good stuff. 'Cause we be that cool.

Any ways,

After you eat your really yummy dinner, what comes next?

Well, eat all your leftovers, of course.

But besides that.

What comes next is...

Black Friday.


Just a few hours after being thankful...

We just hafta kill each other.

Ain't we just lovely people?


Instead of going to Walmart and have the little thought of possibly getting killed because I picked up a journal to look at,

I'm going to be home.

Eating turkey.


Making Christmas presents!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random post

(note: I used to Belle Fleur Photography, but after an.. odd experience I changed it to Lily Caroline)

Today, I am going to show you some old photos that I took that I still love. :)
Who doesn't love grapes?

I am not a pyro, I promise!!

I will never get tired of this photo.
 Anbnd... yeah. So thats it. Byez!


Monday, November 12, 2012

The Winner of the Writing Contest

The winner of the writing contest is...

Bekah Jones!

Here is her story :)
"Frustrating. That’s the only word I can use to describe my day. First, at school, I found out I just barely got a B on my French test. I've never gotten a B in French before. Then it turned out I’d forgotten my math homework. Of course, my math teacher just has to be the meanest, cruelest person on earth. I’m not even sure if she’s completely human. Anyway, she didn't make my life very much easier.
     Honestly, it’s just been a bad day. I legitimately can’t think of one good thing that’s happened today. I even missed the bus home, so I have to walk. At least it’s not too far.
     As I tromp through the slushy snow on the sidewalk, I look around at all the Christmas lights. They're pretty. I feel the vague feeling of a smile breaking through my lips, but instantly push it back. Christmas lights are definitely not enough to miraculously make my day better.
     Walking past my favorite cafĂ© on the corner of Main and some street that I never bothered to remember the name of, I glance inside the window. There’s a little sign lit up with flashing Christmas lights that reads, “Sometimes the little things are really the big things.” I tilt my head. Christmas lights are little things that light up whole cities. Sort of. So maybe they could make me feel better? No. I refuse to be cheered up.
     Fighting with myself has never been easy. This time is no exception. I can’t decide whether or not I want to stay in a foul mood. The lady at the counter catches my eye and warmly smiles at me. I smile back.
     That settles it. I smiled, so I have to be in a good mood. Who cares about bad grades, anyway? Walking is good, too. I need the exercise. But it would be a lot nicer if I had something warm and sweet to accompany me.
     I push open the door decorated with candy canes, march up to the counter, and order a cup of hot chocolate. I can’t help but grin childishly as the lady hands me my cup and I glance back at the little sign. I really can’t believe something so simple could have made my day better. But the fact that it did just makes me smile even more, and I practically skip the rest of the way home."

Congrats Bekah! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am mad about the election. So, to get my mind (and yours) off of the depressing outcome, here are some photos of a cute kid (my sister)