Friday, April 19, 2013

Red Bananas and a 50's Photo Shoot

 (pictures are not very good for this, but whatever) :)

Okay, so have any of you tried a red banana before? Described as "sweeter then yellow banana" and "softer" we thought they would taste really really good. And wow! they are just so pretty too!

Well, they taste good if you like to chew on dry sponges.

So, to see if *maybe* we could eat them, I drowned them in butter, agave, and cinnamon.

Thats right. I fryed them in carmel.
Homemade carmel.
Carmel is reserved for yumminess.

Or to make things taste not like sponges.
The little kids liked the carmel drenched sponges.
At least they didn't go to waste. :D

Aproxamently two hours later I found out that they weren't ripe yet.


ANNNNNNNDDDD now, the moment you have all been waiting for since you opened this inside you computer browser......



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