Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Making Christmas Presents :)

It's been a while since I actually made a REAL post. So I'm going to do that now. :3

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Betcha can't wait to eat a turkey and snarf down some food that totally blows your diet, right?

Well, this year my family is trying really hard to turn all of our  holiday foods healthy! (And by healthy, I mean health-ish)

No glutten ('cause some of us are intolerant).

 No sugar. (Well, no refined sugars.)

Only good stuff. 'Cause we be that cool.

Any ways,

After you eat your really yummy dinner, what comes next?

Well, eat all your leftovers, of course.

But besides that.

What comes next is...

Black Friday.


Just a few hours after being thankful...

We just hafta kill each other.

Ain't we just lovely people?


Instead of going to Walmart and have the little thought of possibly getting killed because I picked up a journal to look at,

I'm going to be home.

Eating turkey.


Making Christmas presents!!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Anonymous said...

Where I live, my dad says it doesn't get too crazy. I guess fist fights are some of the severe cases of black friday.
I, don't usually go to black friday- you don't end up getting what you want anyway. My mom usually takes me on Friday like the next day in the afternoon to Target. Theres not a ton left, and not a ton of people but i can still get christmas presents for a few people. (since mainly on black friday people buy like the high-end electronics)

Katherine said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle Hamilton said...

I started making presents in September! It takes so long!


Lily said...

@lily, I have never been black friday shopping. Where I live it can get pretty hectic! I just thought the video was funny :)
@Kathrine, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
@Michelle, I did too! There are 10 people (not including me) so it takes forever to get all the presents done! I don't normally have a lot of money, so I knit and crochet like crazy :)