Monday, May 14, 2012


I was Confirmed! I am now, officially a warrior of Christ! :")

Me and the Archbishop!
 Funny story, when I was being confirmed, the bishop looked at the name I chose, said
"Oh, Gianna! Are you Italian?"
"Uhm, No..."
"Oh, what a shame. She was a good Italian saint. Okay, go sit down."


Me and Julia,

Me and my sponsor

The rest are taken by me :)
My new name!



Grace Thérèse Aquinas said...

Congratulations Isabel Gianna! What an exciting and blessed day! I was also confirmed By Archbishop Vlazny. My name is now Grace Thérèse Aquinas!

"Stand firm in the faith, warrior for Christ."

Julia said...


When I went up there, the Archbishop looked at my saint name and said "Oh, Monica! Do you know who Monica's son is?"

And DUH I know who he is, it's St. Augustine! But I thought he said, "Do you know who Monica Sun is" like there was a different Saint Monica! So, I brilliantly replied, "Um, no." And he said something like, "He was a real trouble maker" or something like that. Then when I was going to sit down I realized what he had meant and I was like...


Major special moment, right there. haha. At least we now have some cool confirmation stories!! :D

Abi said...

Awww, congratulations!