Monday, May 14, 2012


Over at Mary Ann's blog (Shutter Happy) she is hosting this weeks photo challenge!

The theme is Light!

This picture is of my church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and the sun is giving off an odd little cool light on the church :)

Did I mention there is a prize for the winner?


P.s....  I think I might have to take back that whole "If i get so many followers in 2 weeks I'll host a giveaway" thing. Since I said that I've LOST 3!!!!!! So... yeah. I take it back. never mind.


mary ann said...

Ooh, thanks for entering, Lily! This is so pretty! It doesn't matter since you're not really entering for the giveaway, but I actually wanted people to link up three photos... but whatever! I wish we could win, don't you? The prizes are all so cool!

Jessica said...

aw, losing followers is no fun :/ but that shot is gorgeous -- thanks for entering!

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Mary Kate said...

I love that picture, I forgot that you were Catholic (I am too). I'm sorry you lost followers :(

Nela said...

Very nice! The lightening is just beautiful! :)

Emily Ruth said...

Sorry that you're losing followers, Lily! I honestly have no idea why.