Saturday, November 12, 2011

A very long post about pretty much nothing

1) Can you vote for me here? Its in the friendship category! It would be much appreciated if you do, my fellow blogger friends :)

2) I found some old photos that I never edited. {well, i actually did edit them... like just now actually}

I like spiderwebs. Just not spiders. ((eek))

3) I have music from dance class stuck in my head, and its driving me nuts, 'cause I don't even know the names of them!!! >:|

4) I'm worried my waltz partner is going to the 4 foot tall guy. that's not good, cause I'm 5'5. Unless it is someone else, I'm doomed. (and yes, I do have no clue who my waltz partner is, and the recital is in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!)

5) I'm also freaking out about the swing dance. I'm not good at the swing dance.

6) Tomorrow is Sunday, which means church! Yay! :D

7) i still don't have the music out of my head.

8) I tried to listen to my iPod to get it out, but it didn't work. Even after an hour of listening to it.

9) Sweetpea has discovered that spinning around in circles is fun.

10) Sweetpea's new nickname is Parakeet because she likes to sit on shoulders.

11) I have noticed that the poll on the sidebar has been 50/50 every time i check it :S thats not gonna be easy to chose which one to win if it continues that tomorrow!!!

12) I like editing pictures.

13) I'm reading a book called "Bella at Midnight" and "Frankenstein". Thats an odd combo.

14) I need inspiration for picture taking. Not much here right now :/

15: "Well its been 6 months and I haven't been swingin' at aaaaaaaal" thats part of the swing song i have stuck in my head. Just that one line.  Just that one stinkin' line!!!!!!!!!!!!

16) After dance practice, I spent the rest of the afternoon sewing little apples for the Jesse tree ornament exchange tomorrow :)

17) This is a lot of ramblings.

18) I almost entered a contest in Papa Murphy's today to winn team edward/team jacob shirts and tickets to the midnight primere of Breaking Dawn. But i didn't, cause I have a feeling that movie is going to stink as bad as the book did :P

19) I like to rant.

20) I need to clean the kitchen, but I don't feel quite like it

21) I probably should clean the kitchen 'cause my older sister is babysitting....

22) I hate it when you re chatting with someone on facebook and then they go offline RIGHT AFTER you ask them a question. Its like they are going "Oh no! She asked me how the weather is!!! How am I to reply to that??? Uhhh, uuuummm I'll go offline!!! That'll show 'em!" lol

23) I use lol a lot.

24) I should start using OLO* again

25) this is a really long post.

26: here is a picture that I find funny:
Me being really weird, and looking really bad in pictures(as usual) and Bear, being overly cute (as usual)
27) I was looking at Sparknotes today, and saw this (Note:: for those of use who have always wondered what Rue's Lullaby has always sounded like, you now will know.) It sounds so pretty!!

Farvel! (Danish for "goodbye!)

*OLO stands for obnoxious laughter overboard. It will be the new LOL.


thenarrowpassage said...

Ugh...4 feet tall guy...o.o that would be like on the odd side o.O

Em said...

Those are cool photos! i especially like the spider webs :)

Lily said...

@thenarrowpassage, yeah its really hard to turn under his arm when he is only to my elbow!!!! haha

@Em, thank you!!

milkyway531 said...

I LOVE these pics :O xx