Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ashland: Part 1

So, today we went to ashland. I took about 300 picture (my memory card was full when I got home, and 4 times I had to stop and delete some)

So, Right now, I've edited about 24 of them :O

So, this is going to be in a few parts... so here is part one!!!

 This deer was showing off for everyone! I was one of almost 6 photographers out there inching closer to it/... I got within 3 feet of it!!!!

I really like how this one turned out!!

Part 2, coming soon!


{Grace} said...

I love it! Awesome shots!

Jessica said...


Lily said...

Thank you!!

Julia said...

ASHLAND RULES. heehee. lovely photos! :)

Madie M. said...

I LOVE those! Haha, I thought you were calling the little kid a dear, but then I looked at the next picture, my bad. :P

Trina Bina said...

I've been LOVING your photos lately... keep up the good work, chicka! :D