Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Photo Contests :)

Mary Ann over at Shutter Happy is hosting a contest! So i entered, because I love contest ^_^ Enter here! Why does this picture make me happy? Because Sweetpea looks so happy while swingin' on the swing :))

And, I'm entering this in Shutter (Blessed) Photography's contest: theme; Autumn


And I'm entering this in I Am Talking!'s photo contest: Fall


Sophie☺ said...

Hey! It's Sophie From Shutter: (Blessed) :D

Thanks for entering! Your photo looks great :D


Emily Ruth said...

I love both of these photos! In the first one, she is soooo cute! In the second one, I love the raindrop, colors, and focus.
Oh, and I did the 31-Day Challenge today. :)

mary ann said...

This is so adorable! I love her smile :) thanks for linking up!

Sarah said...

The first one is soooooo cute!

lauren said...

i love your picture of the leaf. love. it.

Hannah said...

awwwe! the first pic is so cute