Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Day photo Challenge Day 13, AND Button Bobby Pins :))

31 Day Photo Vhallenge: Day 13~A Photo Experimenting With Bokeh. :) Did you do it? Leave a comment saying you did!!

And now for the Button Bobby Pins :D
 I made these this morning :)

They are so easy!

Just Bobby pins, buttons, and a hot glue gun

An you get these:

Aren't they awesome?
Im thinking of making a whole bunch, and selling them :) What do you think?


*Lizzie* said...

Hello there! Thank you very much for all your sweet comments on my blogs!! :)
That is such a cute idea for the Button Bobby Pins!!! I love the idea! I will have to sometime make some!!! :)
God bless!!

Bethany said...

Hi there!
I love the bobby pins, what a cute idea!
And lovely blog!
Have a nice day.

Emilie said...

You should have a giveaway with them! I have done these with paper clips but bobby pins is such a good idea.

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely bobby pins! I think people would buy them if you sold them.

Lily said...

Thanks girls! :)
Emilie, I was acctually going to do that! :D

♫ Kathleen ♫ said...

I love the button bobby pins!!!!!!

Lily said...

Thanks Kathleen!

Amanda said...

Yes, you should absolutely sell them! They are adorable!!

Lily said...

Thanks Amanda!!

emilie said...

What an awesome idea! I love buttons right now. So cute, cheap and versatile! They aren't just for keeping your shirts closed anymore!