Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Question Thingy, and Talking about a "Civil Book anout Civil Things"

I read 'A Room with a View". Now my sister Becca is reading it. :) Last night I asked her how she liked it. Her reply:

"Its boring!! Its a civil book about civil thing! All they do it say 'Civil, civil, civil.' "Oh really? Civil civil civil~' 'Oh my goodness! How civil!!"
Me: Yes... But thats only the middle of the book! Cisil is sooooo boring. And civil. His name even sounds like civil!! Just wait for George to come back in...

Mom: Yes, George was not civil.

Becca: Ooooh! Does the old man come back too?! Like in the movie??

Me: You mean Georges dad? Yees. You can't have George without his dad.

Becca: Yay! I like the old man!

Me: Me too! He's cool. Like bow ties.

Becca: It wasn't a good idea for me to read this book. I just read 'Wuthering Hieghts'. No one was civil in that book.


Becca: Civil, Civil, Civil!!!

Oh my. :P haha

So now, I'm doing the question thingy.  Becca did it. And Julia. So I'm doing it. Cause I think it'll be cool.
What is your blog address?

But you probably already knew that XD

When you first saw the movie elf, did you think that the Mr. Narwhal was going to be a bad guy and eat Buddy? 
Yes. i thought Buddy was gonna be eaten and never find his father :( (i was 6 or 7)

Do you have a preference between green and purple grapes?
Green grapes. They rule.

Have you ever eaten Spam? If so, do you like it?

Not that i know of XD

What is your favorite day of the week?

Hmm.... Saturday or Sunday. i can never decide ^_^

Are you sick right now?

I'm getting over a cold :P 

Nicknames are cool. Do you have one?

Ugh. Don't remind me that i have nicknames.

What did you eat for lunch?
i haven't had lunch yet :P lol, but lunch does sound good right now....

And now for the 31 day photo challenge photo: A Photo of Whatever you Want.
i'm gonna do a few.

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Rebecca said...

cool pics! i love the 1st and the 3rd one

Vera said...

Such gorgeous pictures! Love them :)

Emily Ruth said...

Beautiful photos! I love the lighting.