Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge, and Pinteresting.

{Entering in Capturing Moments SOOC [straight out of camera:)}Day 18 was experimenting with water puddles. Its dry outside. I have no pictures of water puddles :/ So, the Pacific Ocean will have to do :) Also, why this doesn't have my watermark on it is A) My editing site wouldn't load and B) It was taken on my cell phone :P

And noooow... Pinteresting.

I've been on pinterest way to much. So I decided to show you some of my funny stuff on there :P

:O It was the Angry Birds!!!!

"Door bell broken. Yell 'Ding Ding' really loud!!!" HAHAHAH

I wonder if it does...

This is the coolest EVER!!

Chemistry joke. Oh mah

"Hello? Is it me your looking for? I can see it in your eyes..." sorry. I had a moment of song there :P anyone want me to post up the music video????

Legit! :D

I heat Mr. Bean. I am a beaniac. My profile picture on facebook used to be Mr. Bean. (when I had a facebook)

I'm Russian to the kitchen! haha Country name joke...

So did you like my Pinteresting? Wanna see more? :)

You can follow me on pinterest here :)

So... should I post more pinteresting things?


Emily Ruth said...

That's a good picture for having been taken with a cell phone!
Haha...I love Pinterest. My favorites that you shared here are the Angry Birds one (I love that game) and the stairs photo. I wish my stairs could look like that!

godsgirl said...

I cant believe that pic was taken with a phone! it's really cool! Those pintrest pictures made me laugh so hard!

Ashlyn Nicole said...

Such a cool picture! Very interesting that it was taken with a cell phone! Love the hues of blue, just beautiful!
thanks for linking up!

Oriana said...

beautiful photo you took!