Saturday, October 1, 2011

7 Oaks Farm 2011


My mom and dad :)

Entering in Photo Weekly's Fall Challenge :)
Also entering this in Silla Jo Photography Contest: Nature

Bear.. He didn't want to get off the horse when he had too!


Ridin' the horses :) {Entering in This is My Father`s World Photo Contest}

Sunflower petals


Sunflowers and the tractor :)


Sweet Pea

The sunflowers from the hay ride!

Feeding the goats :)

i would have gotten a picture of the pumpkin atch part, but the camera battery died half way through the hay ride!! Oh well, i think i got some pretty good one :) i'll post up pictures of the pumpkins we got later i hope :)
By the way.. Happy St. Therese feast day :)


Emily Ruth said...

Love these photos! Looks like you all had fun. :)

Lily said...

Thanks! it was fun :)

Madie M. said...

Are those your siblings and their names? I'm new here, so I don't know. :D

Lily said...

They are all my siblings, but we all have different names on here :)

Amanda said...

These photos are beautiful! You caught such sweet pictures of your siblings!

Madie M. said...

So your name really isn't Lily? Is it Belle?

Lily said...

@Amanda: Thanks :)

@Madie Well, Belle is pretty close :P Its isabel, but on my mom's blog its Lily, and she wanted me o use all the names she had for everyone on there on here :P So I just have my name Lily on here :)

♥Katie said...

Hey! I like all the pictures!! Great job!

Sarah said...

Thank you soooo much for entering!!
Your picture is really cute!

emmalou said...

Cool pic!

God Bless,

Emma Roberts

NeighGirl said...

Awesome photos, I love minis.