Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge: What You Wore Today

This is what i wore today :)
Green button up shirt, and a skirt to church, ten i got home and took this, which is what I am wearing right now :P But, later I'm going to have to get changed again for youth group, lol. so I don't really have one specific outfit i'm going to wear today haha :P

Also.. I'm judging Younique's Snapshot Saturday this week, so go over there and enter!! No one has yet, so I think it would be nice if some of y'all entered it :) The theme is love ^_^



Amanda said...

cute outfit, I wear shirts like that all the time!

Lily said...

Thanks :) Its one of my favorite (next to my purple one with with designs, I'll have to post up a picture of it soon) :)