Sunday, September 16, 2012


Itty-Bitty baby toes!

Right now i am at home. And my grandma is outside. And i didn't know she was. And then i heard someone moving something around in the back yard. And i thought there were thieves out there. And then i saw my grandma. There were no thieves.




This is my breakfast. It is pink. And it has strawberries in it. And homemade yogurt. And agave nectar in it. And it feels really good on my throat. Really very good.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't be sick anymore. I don't like being sick.

As you can tell i'm not sure what to do right now.

15 minutes left of computer time.

Not sure weather to read, or watch TV. and if i watch TV what would I watch....


Why i don't watch TV unless someone else is there to pick the show for me;)

And..... uuuuuuhhhhhh.....

Don't forget to enter my giveaway.


I have "One Thing" by OneDirection stuck in my head.

Maybe I'll listen to pandora.

Or i'll just read my history book. i really like my history book. the civil war is pretty interesting.

Annnnndeddddddd.d.......... uuuuuuhhhhhh.......





1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awh baby feet are so cute~
We have matching names BTW :)
And I'm a Catholic too!
That drink looks so good, I wish I could make that everyday before school!