Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I'm afraid I've been thinking"...

"A dangerous past time,"
"I know!"

lol sorry had to quote beauty and beast ;)

Okay, but yeah. I have actually thinking.

I'm thinking of changing my blog name.


I haven't been doing a lot of photography lately on here so, I think Lily Caroline Photography just isn't the right name for it.

Your thoughts on a new name?



Talia said...

I literally LOLed at the beauty and the beast quote! Love it! That made me so happy:)

Britt said...

I like the name you have, but another name sounds good as well- whatever you would like to do :)

Great post Lily!!!

Katherine said...

I like your name! :)
But if you change it, that will be fine. :)

Emily Ruth said...

So, i saw the post title without seeing any of the text and thought of Beauty and the Beast...then I read your post...and got really happy. :)
I like your new name. I got really confused when I saw under the post title "Lily at Enchanted". But I like it. :)