Thursday, June 7, 2012

16 before 16 {A post I meant to do in April}

16 Before 16

1) Host a huge giveaway on my blog. {anyone wanna sponsor?}
2) Read at least 1 Jane Austen book {I've read Persuation and LOVED it!}
3) Volunteer at the library
4) Practice getting better handwriting skills
5) Become novice in French
6) Sell some of my photography {4x6 prints are only 5 bucks!}
7) Host 4 photo challenges
8) Knit at least 2 big projects {Any ideas?}
9) Write a short novel {any ideas?}
10) Sell this hat I've been trying to sell for ages!!
11) Buy another Doctor Who poster :)
12 Learn to sew better
13) Buy something from this store
14) Knit and sell something {that I made up, of course}
15) Buy a yellow scarf
16) Have at least one paying photography job {like family shoot, or wedding, or senior pictures, etc}

And thats my list. What do you think?

And, since a post is not a post without a picture:



Johanna Grace said...

I forgot all about doing a 16 before 16 at the beginning of this year, and now my birthday is in less than a month. So too bad for me. But I'm bound and determined to make this the best less than a month before my birthday ever. LOVE your list!! And ooo you should so volunteer at the library, then we could be twins! :)

Rachel said...

2. Read Pride and Prejudice. It's the best. really.

Emily Ruth said...

That sounds like a great list! Persuasion is one of my favorite Jane Austen novels. :)


Katherine said...

haha I loved this post! ;)
great pic btw