Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I think I've Tried to Upload some Photos on Facebook About 5 Times!!!

So I thought I'd tell you all.
So I'm just gonna give you an update on my life. Just to bore you. Very much.

We got Just Dance 2 in the mail yesterday! Its soooooo much fun!!! I believe that I havn't looked like such an idiot since my dance recital. Oh yeah. My and Rose jammed out for 2 hours yesterday. And me and Daisy for 3 today. We are awesome sauce. Its like awesome, but with sauce.

Tomorrow, I am going to the eye doctor :/ please pray that I'm not blind, lol!! Daisy put on my readers, and declared me blind because she couldn't see for a couple minutes after putting them on, hahah!!

Do my photos have weird lines on them? Cause my computer makes them look like that. Starting to wondering if it might be my camera O.o

I'm praying its not my camera.

I exercise on the Wii. Cause I'm mainstream like that. Plus I need to lose weight and I'm afraid of walking around my neighborhood O.o hahaha

So anyway.... I think thats it. :)

Au revoir!


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