Friday, April 13, 2012

Who Wouldda Thought?

I'm hooked on a game. On the internet. I actually like a game on the internet!! What is the game?

Dynamo. On . I love it, even thought I am only ranked with a middle school vocabulary (Hey, its not my fault that they put words that aren't real on it!!) ;)

I'm going to keep doing it until I get a highschool/colledge level. 15,076 word isn't enough. I must know over 20, 000. I MUST I MUST I MUST!!!!!

Play the game and tell me your score! :D




Jessica said...

That sounds fun! I played it -- It's estimated that I know 31,574 words. And it wants me to keep going into the college level! :D


Britt said...

Beautiful pictures! You are such a talented photographer- God really gave you a wonderful talent! I took the quiz- the words were pretty hard, I came up with 42,034 and was on college level- so I guess I'm average, since I'm in college :) I just guessed on most of them...hahaha

this was a fun game, thanks for sharing it!!

Britt said...

Hello Lily, I just wanted to let you know I awarded you over at my blog :)

AnneKatherine said...

Hey! I just found your blog. Following you via gfc!!