Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For My Birthday...

... I turned HIPSTER!!!

(Taken by My mom on her phone)

This book is making me feel... very malicious. It is quite good, but I HATE it!!! Have you ever been in such a predicament?! Ugh. Its so good, yet so terrible!!!

So yeah. I'm a hipster now, hipsters are cool. :)


Johanna Grace said...

Same. I loved that book. But I didn't love that book. It's complected :) But, you are adorable so that's all that really matters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May your day be filled with rainbows and bunnies. Oh wait, I think that's Easter... Shamrocks and lucky charms. Er. Cake and sprinkles? That works. :D

Abi said...

I have a love-hate relationship with that book. I can't even...

LOVE your glasses. Hipsters rock. :)


Abi said...

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday! :)


Emily Ruth said...

I feel the same way about that book. I enjoyed some parts, but I hated others. Very frustrating. That's why I like Jane Austen better. :P