Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To The Top of Table Rock We Hike!!! {pt.1}

The top of Table Rock. See that white thing in the distance? If you ever go to Table Rock, don't walk there. I have, and they have airplanes that swoop down really low, and its a confidential military base. I'm not lying. I walked there 2 years ago on my 13th birthday. 

Mmmm.... I love trail mix!

Another from the top. I wanted to get one looking over  the edge, but I wasn't able too!

why yes, this is a half eaten sandwich. Please don't judge my awesomeness.


I can't post all of them yet, so more to come!
//all photographs copyright Lily Caroline Photography//


p.s. Only a couple more days to enter the giveaway! 


Elisha(: said...


Liz♥ said...

Amazing! I've had my share of hiking/camping trips myself. :) These are great pictures, can't wait for the rest!

Emilie said...

looks like you had allot of fun! great pictures. :)