Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Which I Rant and Bore you all

Today, I went to church. It being Catholic School Week, the Catholic school was there. And theirmusic teacher did the music. Normally they don't do music at daily mass. But because of the school, it was an exception. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE church music. I am in the youth choir. It awesome by the way,

Well, to get back to my point, the music teacher from the school and some random students were in the choir loft doing their music thing. My older sister and I could help but laugh at the guitar banging-singing-louder-then-the-kids Music teacher. I was "Okay"with it. I mean, its only once in a while, right?

But then the closing song came. I don't think it has EVER been that bad. It went a little like this:

"ALLEY (clap, clap) ALLEY (clap, clap) ALLEUJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (clap, clap)"

Yes, we do need to say allejua. But not scream. While banging a guitar. And clapping. Clapping. CLAPPING!!!!!

Ehem. Sorry. Clapping during church really really REALLY annoys me. BADLY. It is unexceptable.
just like this song that goes like this:

"GLORIA! (clap, clap) GLORIA!!!! (clap, clap) IN EXCELSIS DEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and more claps. Claps shouldn't be useing in church. What ios happing here???? Can we please acctually act like we are in the house of God? Please?

oh, it would help if I was on my knees. (kneels down)

Now can we stop th clapping?

No? No? No?




Guess its just me.

Oh well.

Well, now that I got that oout of me, here are some things that made me forget my pety rage of clapping art church just for amusement. (its wrong I tell you, wrong!)

Sorry... I had too....



Jessica said...

lol, that picture + this post = laughing so hard i nearly wet my pants. seriously XD

Anonymous said...

I don't really like clapping in church either, so I know how you feel. But I do like the picture and the Dr. Who thing that you posted.

Julia said...

HAHA they sang that song on Sunday, too....









If they could just sing some normal songs... and cut out the banging and clapping... :)

Julia said...

*sounds like an elephant is about to fall through the choir roof

it didn't post it all above ;D

Sierra said...

Wow that doesn't sound like a happy experience. And I think they should maybe find a couple new songs...
I think I'm fine with a little clapping but I think that that would make me a bit upset. But we have a band at our church, drums, piano, several singers and a couple guitars so clapping is usually drowned out. Hope the clapping stops soon for you :) Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)