Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinterest Pics, and the Winner of the Giveaway!

I decided to do it this week, because I'm not doin' anythang today:)

 Sherlock+Doctor Who? Um, yes!
 Hehe... this makes me laugh.
 These shoes= ADORABLE! I love bows ^_^
 Why yes, yes you are.
 Aww, thank you Doctor Who!
Look at her hair!! **jealous**

Oh, ad the winner of the giveaway is.... Rebbecca Ann
Please email at bellefleur998(at)gmail(dot)com  within the next 48 hours, or a new winner will be drawn.



Liz♥ said...

Yes! Go Sherlock!! :D

Ashley said...

HEY! Lets see if I can explain the SOPA and PIPA outburst to you any better, lol.

BAsically, Congress is trying to pass a law allowing them to decide what you can and cannot read/see through sites such as Etsy, Google, youtube, Pinterest, Wikipedia, blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Sites that they disapprove of will be censored or removed. It is a HUGE bruise on our freedom! I feel I and I only (outside of my parents and God, of course!) should determine what media I wish to read/watch/view.

Lets say I posted a link on my blog that the Goverment didn't approve of? My blog would be put under EXTREME watch (I'd be a lawbreaker, pretty much) and perhaps censored. If I continued to post links or media they didn't like, they could remove my blog from existence. Freedom of speech? Hardly.

Right now, it is bad but not intolerable. But it can get worse. What if they say, "We don't want the American people viewing any Christian website"? They will have the law on their side to remove/block any website that posts Christian media. For Homeschoolers, Lovers of Freedom, Christians like my family and many others, this is just simply NOT acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics Lilly and I just wanted to say that I commend your stance Ashley. We need to stand up for ourselves!