Sunday, January 15, 2012

It snowed this morning. 

And then melted.

Its sunny now.

Only in oregon... Only in Oregon.

 And then on friday, we went to a Baptism, and I took several pictures afterwards, because I wasn't needed anymore. Well, actually, I wasn't needed at all. They got someone else to take pictures :(
 I took a picture of my  awesome shoes, and you can see my awesome purple scarf, too. i like scarves. And purple.
 There was an eagle outside too. it was awesome.
 I had to talk my camera into taking this picture right here....
What? It doesn't like moving things. I think it scares it.

Now, you might think it is rather odd, but I'm going to a mini-series on how to be goth. The end.



Anonymous said...

That sun shot is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Especially the sun one. I also like the one with the bird in it :)

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely photos! I like your shoes, too, and purple scarves are my favorite. :)