Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello again (the intruder is here)

Hullo, this is Johanna. Remember me? I guest posted this week for Lilly.  Anyways, I'm just here to bother you a little bit and make you wonder what in the world is going on. Also, I'm fix'n up Lilly's blog, trying to make it all fancy smanshy. . I'm testing the buttons right now.   You may now carry on.  :)


Err. Actually Johanna. But what ever.


mary ann said...

The design looks better than ever!
side note: I think you mispelled "cheap" at the bottom of the page. just to help :)
swooning over these buttons! the font is gorgeous and i love the edges.

Jessica said...

hahaha, this made me laugh :D I LOVE the new buttons, and they go so well with her design...

ohmigosh, i just realized the header changes!!! WOW! that's so cool XD I may just have to call on you for design help in the future ;P