Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Christmas Ornament

So, Kelsy over at A Ray of Sunshine is having a photo challenge, so here is my entry:

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I am also entering this in Yours Truly's photo challenge :)

P.S. If you have been a follower of Belle Fleur photography, please follow this blog, because I am not posting on Belle Fleur Photography anymore.


Rebecca said...

oh thats sad..why arent you posting on belle fleur photography?...and i like the pic :)

Kels said...

Lovely! I adore blue and gold. :)

Lily said...

@Rebecca, I'm going to do one more post on Belle Fleur explaining what has happening.

@Kels, thanks! ":)

Jennoelle said...

ooh so pretty! even though we have lots of mix-and-matched ornaments on our tree (full of memories--and I love it that way), I'll always have a soft spot for those classic round ornaments. (:

nzkiwigirl said...

thanks for linking up lily! love your picture. beautiful bokeh! how delicious.