Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Been a Long Time Gone...

Oh my goodness! Has it really been that long???? 2 weeks is to long! :((

So, here are somethings that have been going on (And yeah, I was too lazy to put a watermark on any of these pictures let alone EDIT them hehe, but they are all taken by me!)

bear's birthday on the 3rd!

my dad singing the "Mr. Grinch" song with his band

My dad's band! The lady in the middle is my Confirmation sponsor!

oh and so much more! I'll have to get up a big long post soon!


Jessica said...

love the flames and the sunsets. happy wednesday!

♫ Kathleen ♫ said...

I love the pictures :)

Emily Ruth said...

Hmm..are those sunset photos? :P Great to see you back!

Jessica said...

Your pictures of the flames and the bokeh are incredible!!