Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Um, whoops.

Last night, after getting ready for bed, after a sugar crash, i thought of one thing. One thing only.  FORGOT THE 31 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE!!!!! ON THE 31ST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!

So, here it is. The last day of 31 day photo challenge, and i forgot. I feel oober smart right now.  so... please don't noticehow one of my sleeves are partially rolled up or anything :P lol :)

Only 3 more days to enter my giveaway! So you might want to go do that now if you haven't!


Sarah said...

I like that picture of you, its nice! I wish I could enter your giveaway but I am not alowed to give out my adress :( Hope you get more entrys!

Lily said...

All you have to do is follow if you cant! :)