Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Post Full of Knitting Patterns and Random Pictures, too

I love to knit. Its a good hobby. Its fun. And I love yarn. So its the perfect for me ;)

Okay... I found the cutest knitting patterns in the world.

Here is one called Costal Knits (I really want that book!!) The beret is soooo cute!!

And I found this adorable hat too! The best part? Its free!!

These are some really great owl gloves! I've made two pairs of them! Here are Rose's pair:


And, you know, since you just have a knitting post without something crocheted thrown in... ;) Heres an adorable baby hat! (its free too!!!) (can you tell I like owls?)

Can you tell that I love free patterns?? Most of the stuff I'm putting on here is free, by the way :)

This shrug... Oh my goodness!!

I really want to make this. Now.

And... Here is a link to the patterns I wrote!  I love to write patterns. Its fun, because then I get to make things that I can't find on ravelry! Its so much fun!

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