Monday, November 7, 2011

My **I'm freaking out** moment today.

Yep. So, as some of you know, earlier, my blog was deleted. "What?!? Why???" Well, it wasn't my fault. I freaked out when I went onto blogger, about to possibly make a post, and look at other people's blogs, and it said my blog was... DELETED!!!! D: I cried. Literally.

So, I went on g-mail just to see if something might've happened. Something did happen. I get the message "Your account is on lock down because it seem like someone might've hacked you!!!!!!" Okay, it didn't **quite** say that, but it was pretty close. So, I had to give gmail my cell phone number.

And so they sent a verification code to my phone. I entered it in.  Then I get the message "Sorry, you took  to long. Please try again." EEEEEEEEERRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Its not my fault it took to long!!! It took you about 20 minutes to send it to me, as I sat on the chair hyperventilating!!!!

I do it again. I get another verification code. I put it in the box, praying that this isn't a scammer.
And then....

THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! I COULD GET INTO MY EMAIL!!!!! My prayers were answered, and my blog was finally up!!!!

So, there you have it. My **I'm freaking out** moment of the day :)

And because it isn't a post without a picture (well that, and the fact I have a bunch of pictures to post) :


milkyway531 said...

*BREATH, in and out.....*
Better? Awesome.

Johanna Grace said...

YIKES!!! Thank goodness you got it all worked out! Whew!

:) Great pictures! (As always I might add)


Britt said...

Thats horrible :( At least it came out to be okay though!! Very beautiful pictures!!

Emilie said...

That's scary! You must of freaked(i know i would have). I'm glad you got it all worked out.

Julia said...

WOOOAH. That is super scary! I would've freaked out so bad!! Thank goodness it finally worked! And gorgeous photos- I looove the pretty water droplets! :)

Emily Ruth said...

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that your blog did not get deleted! That would have been AWFUL!!!!! I can't imagine what I would do it that happened to me...
Gorgeous photos as always. :)

Amanda said...

I totally would've freaked out as well! So glad that you're up and running again!

Love that photo of the strawberries!

Grace said...

Hello Miss Lily,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my prizes today. Thank you again.

Pax Christi,

AmyB said...

I'm so sorry, Lily! I know- Melody told me that she couldn't get into your blog- I was thinking, "Oh no! I hope Blogger didn't delete it!!!"

Thank the Lord that it is back up!

Ella Staskavage said...

love the strawberry and the rose!