Monday, November 14, 2011


i want to make a FAQ post, so ask away! i think it will be fun to have other people ask me really random questions and for me to answer.
Just a few things though... Don't ask bad questions and what not. i'm sure you won't but you know... you never know haha.

So, ask away!

Also, go look over at my sidebaaaaaaaar!!! Thank you Mary Ann for telling how to make pages! Go check 'em out! :)


mary ann said...

hmm, okay!
what kind of camera do you use?
when/why did you start playing the guitar?
how did you pick your blog name?

to make a page, just go to Posts > Edit pages on the old Blogger dashboard, or on the new blogger, click the little arrow next to your blog and click "pages." hope that helps! :)

Lily said...

Thanks mary ann! i just found it!! :)

Emily Ruth said...

Hmmm...questions...I know that it is hard to pick just one favorite so:
What are your top five favorite colors?
What are your top five favorite songs?
What are your top five favorite books?
How long have you been knitting?
Do you enjoy writing letters?