Thursday, November 17, 2011

FAQ: Answered

what kind of camera do you use? EO5 Canon Rebel XTi :) 

when/why did you start playing the guitar? Well, its been an on/off thing for me. My dad started teaching me when I was 7, but my little play guitar didn't work for actual guitar playing. So, I didn't start really learning until last year.

how did you pick your blog name? Haha, this is a long story. Okay, so I was chatting with my friend Trina, and I was trying to help her figure out a name for her photography blog (which is no more, she is going to get a website) and I said "Well, why don't you just pick a name and put it in another language!" and so, we both went on google translate and started typing random things into it. I suggested "Belle Fleur" which is French for "Beautiful Flower" to her. But, she didn't think it quite captured her photography, because she rarely takes pictures of flowers, it was mainly of people. So she decided on Spiritus Capere which is Latin for "Capture the Spirit". So then, she suggested that I make a photography blog, because my blog (which I named 'My blog' because I was the most creative twelve year old in the WORLD) needed a new name, which I had been thinking of for quite some time. So, I then recreated My Blog into Belle Fleur Photography. And that is how I picked my blog name, and bored you all half to death :)

What are your top five favorite colors? My top 5 favorite colors would have to be 1)Purple 2) Teal 3)Forest Green 4)Aquamarine and 5) Maroon (yes I do like the really odd named colors :] Not only are they pretty, the names roll off the tounge! :D)
What are your top five favorite songs? Okay, first thing first, I LOVE music. Its gonna be hard to choose only 5, but here it goes 1) All I do is Dream of You the Micheal Buble' version 2) You Got Me by Colbie Callait 3) Hollywood Micheal Buble' 4) The Way you Look Tonight Maroon5   5) All of Me the Micheal Buble' version
 Oh and so many, many more!! As you can also tell by these songs... I lie Micheal Buble' haha!
What are your top five favorite books?
Only 5??? Oh... okay ;) 1)The Two Princess of Bammare by Gail Carson Levine 2)Persuasion by Jane Austen 3)After the Dancing Days (sadly, I can't remember who wrote it) 4) The Hunger games!!! 5) Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

How long have you been knitting? ooooh.... I think its been... maybe 5 years, or longer

Taken by Me, edited by my mother, I believe... Oh and did I mention this is part of the Lily Collection???
Do you enjoy writing letters? Yes! I LOVE top write letters!!! They are so much fun to write/recieve too!

If anyone has anymore questions to ask, go ahead!! As many as you want to ask! :)


Britt said...

I liked reading all the questions and answers. I liked the question about how you named your blog- thats a creative way to name it!! I like Michael Buble too!! His voice is so soft and velvety :) I like what you knitted- you are very talented at knitting and doing different stitches!! I enjoyed reading your answers!! Have a wonderful day :)

Lily said...

Thanks Britt!! :)

Olivia said...

i never knew what "bell fleur" meant, thanks for telling me lily:D

{Grace} said...

I always wondered why this blog was called "Belle Fleur". Very creative!

Olivia said...

thanks lily, thank you for letting me know, it really encouraged me,

Amanda said...

Great post - love the way you came up with your blog name!