Monday, October 24, 2011

Piano :)


i forgot about the history of this piano :P 
This piano is 150 years old, and was brought to Oregon by a horse-drawn carriage in the late 1800s by my great-great-grandfather :)

This picture is... Surprisingly un-edited!!! The only editing i did on it is my watermark! :D
{Entering in Francesca's Photo Challenge: Un-edited}


Amanda said...

isn't it amazing that we can take a beautiful snapshot, regardless of editing?!

beautiful capture!

Lily said...

Thanks Amanda :)

Julia said...

Gorgeous as always! I looooooove the piano photo! :D

Amy Caroline said...

You didn't even share the cool history behind this piano!! This piano is close to 150 years old. It was brought down from Northern Oregon in a horse drawn wagon by her great-great grandfather in the late 1800's!

Emily Ruth said...

Beautiful photos! I love the history of the piano!!

Lily said...

Thanks!! :D