Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes. Another post on NanoWrimo :P 'm really excited for it!! Countdown: 5 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes and counting!!!! The word wars, the writing, the creativity... ahh i love it :) So is any one else doing it? Maybe I can get Word Wars together where we can chat, and write and just have fun! :D

What is a word war? Ahhh you have come to the right place, my friends. Word Wars: The aptitude to compose more words in the era of one hour then anyone else in the conflict.

Did you understand that? Yeah me neither. I used a thesaurus. A better way to understand: The ability to write more more words then anyone else in the word war in the time of one hour.

So, who's with me? :) Shall we write ourselves into a war?


Melody said...

That looks like fun! I love telling stories, so maybe I could try to write one down!

AmyB said...

Wow... thanks for posting this, Lily.... I have always loved writing but have only officially "finished" one story... when I was like 12- now I'm 17 and need some drive! That website (I checked it out from another post of yours) is fantastic with all those links for free resources... Even if I don't do the actual "event" I will be using some of those worksheets and the like!