Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 day Photo Challenge: Day 4~ A Photo of Your Favorite Place to be

Day4- A photo of your favorite place to be

Well, since my little brother is sick, I can't really get/don't have a picture of my favorite place to be outside pf my house, so this is gonna have to do :)
See the bench and table? I put that there :) Oh, and the white chair... thats the ottoman :P Its like my own personal reading place. I love i there. But, in the summer, you might get hit in the head with plums! Its right under the plum tree in the backyard! But hey, you get to take plus right off the tree! :) In the midst of the garden, right over by St. Fransis of Assissi statue... Yup, its a great place to be.

Did you do the 31 day photo challenge today? if you did, leave a comment with you link to the post and I'll check it out! :)

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Emily Ruth said...

Love it! Looks like a great reading place. :)