Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge: Day 17~ A photo involving Street Lights

Did you do it? Leave a comment sayin you did!!!

Also, I was having trouble  getting the buttons to stay on the bobbypins :( The buttons kept falling off, and I think I should work on them a little more before I give them away, because it wouldn't be fair to you guys if I gave you something that broke as soon as you put them on right? So they have been switched to these:

And another prize has been added!!! So go check it out again!!! See it here

Also, there is something weird going on with the titles for my posts. Not sure why it is all in gibberish :P lol, is it happening onyour computers too? Or is it just mine :P (it only does it if you click on the title of the post)


godsgirl said...

it's not happening to my computer, and those r super cute bobby pins :)

Lily said...

Yeah, I figured out it was just the computer I was using :P must've been a glitch in the system :P lol
Thanks! :) they are really easy!