Thursday, September 29, 2011

One More Day!!

One more day until the Belle Fleur Photography Contest comes to a close! Enter here!

Also, what do you think about this?
A 31 day photo challenge thingy!

Day1- A photo of yourself
Day2- A photo of what you wore today
Day3- A photo from a high angle
Day4- A photo of your favorite place to be
Day5- A photo that is cute/sweet
Day6- A photo from a low angle
Day7- A silhouette photo
Day8- A photo of something from the distance
Day9- A photo of something close up
Day10-A photo you took a year ago (un-edited)
Day11-A black and white photo
Day12-A photo edit that you like
Day13-A photo experimenting with bokeh
Day14-A photo focusing on eyes
Day15-A photo of your favorite shoes
Day16-A photo your parents/guardians
Day17-A photo with street lights
Day18-A photo experimenting with water puddles
Day19-A photo of whatever you want
Day20-A photo that involves a tree
Day21-A photo of a sunset
Day22-A photo of a person you love
Day23-A photo of a person playing a board game/cards
Day24-A photo playing with shadows
Day25- A photo that you took a year ago
Day26-A photo that has something with blue
Day27-A photo that incorporates motion
Day28-A photo with clouds
Day29-A photo that has something with green in it
Day30-A photo that has something purple in it
Day31-A photo of yourself (31 days later)

Who wants to do this with me? I think it'll be fun :) What do you think? I'm going to start on October 1st! Put in a comment if you wanna do it too! 


Grace said...

That sounds so fun I would love to join you!

Rebecca said...

i really wish i could! but right now i dont have a camera :(

Lily said...

Oh no! :( Thats not good! I hope you can get one soon! :)

Emily Ruth said...

That sounds like fun! I will try. I may not be able to get all of them, but i will try. :)

Lily said...

Great! Do as many as you can! :)