Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the Road Again! (Or near home touring)

Oh, J-ville.  I love the historicalness of it all!

Where they used to have mines
 And Old pants stores,
Where they have historical Churches and Shops,

 And a creepy guy made out of spare parts at an old car garage,

 Picket fences infront of old houses,

And they had an awesome art thingy going on this time. We got candy almonds,
 Looked at yarn (swoon) ;)

 And soap made out of goat milk
 They smelled really good. :)
 Old car tires,
 Stained glass,
 The museum

 A barber shop,
 Toy stores,

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... PHOTO EDITS! (Applause)

 Here is a really nea chair that we saw at the Art show thingy...
 A cool convertable from the 60's (i think) that I saw and thought (since no one was looking and no one was in the car) I might just have to take a picture of because this is going to my car some day. It will be mine.
 and chairs infront of a neat little Inn. :)
Ahhh... I love Jacksonville. Oregon rules. :)


mary ann said...

OOh, I love that one of the fence! And the edits are sweet,

Lily said...

Thanks! :)