Friday, September 30, 2011

Contest winners!

In 1st place is:
I loved this one! The sun behind it, and the water drop... It was sp pretty! :)

In 2nd  place:
I just really loved this photo :) The lighting was great, and they are so cute :)

Sarah and John 136

And in 3rd place:
Anika Joy!
The sun behind the tree was so pretty! I really like it is!

Great job everyone who entered, and the winners!! Thanks so much!

Tommorrow starts the 31 day photography challenge! If you want to join in, go ahead! :) If you are .leave a comment saying you will! Its gonna be fun! :D
To see the challenges click HERE (since the contest is over, just ignore the first stuff i have written, and look at the challenges!)

Thanks everyone!!



Jenna K. said...

Congrats to the winners :) I love the first one :)

Amanda said...

How wonderful - congrats to all the winners!