Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Tragedy of the Squirrel and the Baby

Once upon a time there was a squrrel and a baby. The Baby and the Squirrel were the best friends. They lived in the wonderful land of the Back Yard Porch.
 One day, the baby saw the most wonderfully awesome thing. She left the poor, poor Squirrel by himself on the porch.
 It was a box! And it had something in it!
 Now, the Squirrel was very sad that his friend left him, so he jumped into the box trying to get his lost friends' attention.
 But, it was no use. She didn't even look his way. Instead she grabbed one of those dreaded apples, and left him in the box, all alone and lonesome.

 Grabbing her apple, she saw the Squirrel,
 Picked him up,
 and threw him hard back into the box! Oh, the poor Squirrel! A tear fell from his eye, in the fear that his friend might be forever lost...

 The Baby decided to hear his thoughts about her betrayel.
 He talked and talked...
 And when he finished, she turned her head. She decided the friendship lost, and left him to be by himself for the rest o his life.
 The poor Squirrel wallowed in self-pitty forevermore.
The End.


Trina Bina said...

Oh, how tragic. That poor squirrel! :(

Lily said...

Yes, yes. The poor tragic Squirrel was never the same again...