Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet Oscar... and Spaz. O.o

Meet my cats Oscar, and his friend Spaz.

Spaz is... well, Spaz is a spaz lol :P
She never lets us take her picture. The camera makes her spaz out.
This is the only one I could find of her....
We can rarely ever find her... unless she is spazing out at a bird, or the wooden fence... Yup, Spaz is a spaz.
Meet Oscar, the cute little cudldy kitty.
He is not a big fan of Spaz's spaz attacks. But he is the favorite kitty by far :) haha
Unlike Spaz, he loves his picture taken. He poses... yeah, I guess you could call him a poser. :P lol
Deep in thought... about his food bowl...
Strawberries are my favorite!!!!

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